Mission Statement

MABNA NIROO Co. founded in 1994 as a general contractor for high voltage substations and qualified by Ministry of Energy and Planning Organization in Iran. We have designed, supplied and constructed tens of projects in the range of 63, 132 & 230 kV substations for Iranian utilities. They are among the first Electrical substations that are constructed by Iranian expertise.

Now we are active as a contractor in a well known Iranian industrial group in the field of Electricity. This group consists of the following companies :

  • - JABOUN : manufacturer of electrical panels and withdrawable Switchgears ( MV, LV, MCC , …)
  • - ARIAN : supplier of electrical equipment
  • - PARS SHAR : manufacturer of MV current & voltage transformers

We can now answer to any of electrical needs for all kinds of industries in Iran and other countries.
In 2001 we started to produce some control & protection equipments such as Alarm annunciators , Tap position indicators , Digital meters , … that are being used by Regional Electric Companies and most of other contractors in their projects.

  • • 20 years experience in supply of High voltage Substations
  • • Manufacturer of Control and Protection equipments
  • • Your partner in Electrical project